Monday 26 August 2013

Combat Shooting Course and Training 19th - 25th August

On the 24/25th August I did some training with Primus Pilus Combat shooting School.
Primus Pilus are at the leading edge of firearm training and Jordy Mckay one of the best combat firearm instructors in the business.

This is an overview of exercises and drills:
Pistol - Smith & Wesson M&P9mm : Assault Carbine - SIG 553 : Shotgun - Remington 870

SIG 553 - Lateral movement

Safety review
Proper weapons safe handling
Fast weapon manipulation
Speed Reloads and unorthodox magazine change techniques
Grounding the fundamentals and shot placement
Close combat skill sets and relevant course of fire
Proper use ofcover and barricades
Lateral movement between cover
Close range marksmanship
Weapon transitions
timer induced speed scenarios
Weapon maintenance, cleaning and inspection

Course was excellent and held in a state of the art facility, the only one of its kind in Europe. Completely discreet, secure and off limits to the public.

Remington 870 - Combat Shotgun
Mason Survival are planning to run some joint courses with Primus Pilus involving firearms training and Close Quarter Combat/Self defence/SPEAR System scenario based training.

Get in touch with either myself or  Primus Pilus Combat Shooting School for further details of what is going to be a great course.

Satans box drill video

Strength Training Log 19th-22nd August

Monday 19th

Box squats 10x3@110kg 1 Min rest in between sets
Glute ham raises 4x10
Good Mornings 4x10 @60kg
3x20 Banded pullaparts
Banded Good mornings 3x20
Banded Pull aparts 3x20
3x20 shrugs
3 x sled pulls @100kg

Tuesday 20th August
Close grip Paused Bench Press (pause at bottom, middle and lock out for 3 secs) 3x3 @90kg
Strict press 7x2@65kg
50 Strict Ring pullups

Wednesday 21st August

Speed Deadlifts 12x3 @130kg
Bent over rows 7x10 @60kg
Side Bends 4x20 @20kg

Thursday 22nd August

Back Squat 6x3@130kg
3 x Sledpulls @120kg

I pulled my elbow tendon last week when I was doing some Power Clean practice so have had to adjust training this week with some lower weights and difference exercises.

Christina and JC did their first Crossfit WOD with me this week.....I took them through Fight Gone Bad with scaled weights.....They kept on going and did great!


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