"Mike Mason has been one of the key reasons for us returning to Verbier for the last five years. 

He has taught our three children not only how to ski but also to overcome their fears. They now all love skiing and they still want to have Mike as their ski instructor. The reason is that he is quite humourous with plenty of 'cool' stories, is very professional and fully engaged with the children.
We trust Mike completely and we highly recommend him"
Adriaan de Mol van Otterloo, fund manager in London

“Skiing with Michael is an absolute pleasure. We are a family of six and have skied in Verbier on a number of occasions over the years – but with Michael we covered so much more of the ski area than we ever had before. Every day was great fun and even given fairly poor weather and snow conditions, Michael always seemed to find the best snow and the least crowded spots. He provided as much challenging skiing as we wanted (which is usually a lot!) but always with a focus on everyone’s safety and with a keen eye on the varying abilities amongst the group. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone.”
Simon Cooper, C.E.O Cairn Energy PLC

Being coached by Mike to improve my skiing was the best investment I could have made. He is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and skilled as both a skier and an instructor. With patience and empathy he has the ability to pull you out of your comfort zone and build confidence at the same time. He is great at demonstrating techniques, explaining the rationale and then guiding you as you practice and ‘get it’. We experienced variable conditions during our lessons including some really challenging weather with heavy snow and flat light and even so I was confident I could tackle the terrain successfully. On top of all that he is one of the nicest guys on the Verbier slopes and is a pleasure to spend time with."
Linda Grant, Former Editor of The Metro

'I first met Michael whilst on my Close Protection course with the National Security College. I found his method of teaching excellent and he taught techniques which have been very useful throughout my career since. As one of the instructing staff Michael, with his professional but approachable manner,was always there and has been subsequently, to offer help and guidance to me.
A truly dedicated man who who works with professionalism in all he does '
S.G Team Leader, Protection Vessels International


'Michael has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. He has excellent verbal communication skills to teach his students, is extremely organized and reliable'

C.T PSD Sallyport Global


'After the warm up, Michael would start off with the most basic of techniques. The effectiveness of these techniques was unbelievable and doesn’t even need aggression. It was simple things like pressure points and joint manipulation. It seemed too easy, but it definitely worked. The good thing about the techniques was that it worked specifically for the security industry, especially when you have a Principals/Clients image and reputation to consider. The last thing you need is paparazzi taking photos of you giving someone a good hiding with a closed fist or elbow strike. That could certainly be an embarrassing situation for both all parties.

Throughout the week the techniques would be adapted to different situations. The good thing about this is that you don’t even have to think about it too much. It was so easy to make the techniques work from different positions and get on with your job.

Other techniques taught were techniques that get the Principal out of danger situations. We were taught effective techniques that allowed us to control the Principal whist remaining alert and being in a position to protect the Principal at the same time. For example, some people can fall in to a trap of getting into fisty cuffs with an attacker, meaning that the Principal is exposed to further danger. The last this you need is to be grappling on the floor with someone and then being unaware of anything else that is going on.

I know there are all sorts of different views on different martial arts and different people prefer certain techniques. I am not saying that other techniques or methods are wrong, but I will say that perhaps the things taught here can be adapted or incorporated into the techniques they already know and used to suit the situation.

All in all I have had a fantastic week doing this training and would recommend it to anyone. All I have to do now is go away and continue the techniques that I have been taught and don’t let the learning curve stop here'

MM - Close Protection Operator Ex Royal Military Police


'I arrived at the National Security College recently to take part in a City and Guilds Close Protection course and I was informed that we would be taking part in some Training with a ‘real life Ninja’;

First Impressions

My first Impressions of Michael were so far removed from the description that I had been given previously, I was expecting a shady character hiding in the shadows who would floor fellow candidates with a paperclip and a jelly tot one by one.

Michael came across as a polite and mannered individual who quickly made the apprehensive students feel at ease in their surroundings which was a relief for all of us who were training.

The Training

The instructors training methods make sense. The warm up is simple and effective and anyone could take part and gain valuable knowledge. The various techniques that are taught are simple and very effective and as a student expect to experience these techniques at a bearable level.

Part of the instructor’s philosophy is in order to understand the technique you must in fact be able to appreciate what effect the technique will give.
The instructor takes no pleasure in showing off or embarrassing his students but be prepared to gain an understanding of the techniques used.

Overall, very valid information and real world techniques that are simple to learn and most of all effective.

A big thanks to Michael and it has been a pleasure training under his guidance.'

CH - Close Protection Operator Ex Grenadier Guards


During the last week I have been training with Michael at the NSC, Michael presented CQC techniques to use in the CPO industry. He showed me how to defend myself from attackers as well as my principle.

The best thing about his lessons was that it is easy to learn and to remember, nothing difficult. What I mean by nothing difficult is there are not a lot of phases you have to remember they are easy and they work as I discovered myself. And to add to it all you do not use your fists like all the other instructors train their students. They always show short videos where you jump the guy and start banging away.

This was nothing like it. This was purely defending yourself or principle to put the aggressor on the ground, and get away. There was nothing about banging anything or anyone at any time. I never thought that you could actually do what he showed us.

Michael has so much knowledge that he wants to share with us.

If it should ever happen that I get the chance to train with Michael again I will grab it with both arms.

If someone else is reading this do yourself the favour and try it you will not be disappointed. You will only benefit'

CS - Close Proection Operator Ex French Foreign Legion


'Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Michael to offer this amazing tuition!!!

Attended the course yesterday (Sat 26th) and I am in awe as to what level of pain can be inflicted with so little effort! I am hurting in places I never thought existed!!! If anyone was thinking of doing some CQC Training I would highly recommend Michael and Mason Survival.

The course was interesting, usefull and conducted in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. As a complete novice this was a real eye-opener for me.

Once again,thanks Michael!

LA - Security Guard T.A


'I attended the CQC course with Michael this Saturday. To be given this kind of training is fantastic. It was well worth making the effort (ie finishing work at 6am driving for 1.5 hours to brighton and Sleeping in my van for an hour and a half.)

If you are lucky enough for another course to be available snap it up! To be able to control a 100Kg man by his little finger (which f**cking hurts) is just one of the things you will learn.

Whether you are CP or DS you will pick up things that you can apply straight away and some that need a bit more practice. If there are any more courses with Michael that are offered regardless of cost I would make every effort to attend it was that good.

Anyway im waffling now. To sum it up Michael is friendly and full of knowledge and offers an excellent easy to apply system'

NP - Head Door Supervisor


'I was one of the 'students' to attend the CQC class . I have done some CQC before but believe that you can never learn TOO much.

The whole instruction was first class, and with the added bonus of severe pain. Everything from the holds to the take downs was conducted in a safe but effective manner. I will have no hesitation to recommend Mason Survival to anyone who is interested in CQC training.

Michael I thank you teaching myself and some lucky others some of your skills. I will be in touch in the future to have some further instruction from you'

CS - Close Protection Operator