Michael Mason is a experienced, operational and licensed Close protection Operator/Bodyguard, qualified Swiss alpine Ski instructor and offers a unique Ski Bodyguard service to Celebrities and VIP's skiing in the European Alps during the winter season through the Swiss School Verbier, Switzerland

Michael Mason has 30+ years of martial art training, security and close protection work and is the head Instructor for Close Quarter Combat at the National Security College in the UK.

He holds the rank of 5th Dan in the Japanese Martial art of Genbukan Ninpo Tai Jutsu and Kokusai Ju Jutsu Renmai and is a direct student of Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto Sensei.

He is a Blauer Tactical Systems Personal Defence Readiness™ Coach and Crossfit Level 1 coach and is committed to exceptional health through a primal eating and training lifestyle.

Based in Verbier, Switzerland

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