Self Defence

We teach the Personal Defense Readiness™ (P.D.R) program. P.D.R is a behaviorally based, state of the art personal protection and life enhancing system developed by Blauer Tactical Systems, and offered exclusively through certified PDR™ Coaches worldwide.

Our Personal Defence Readiness™ Classes and courses are focused on Reality Based Scenario Training and incorporates the World renowned S.P.E.A.R™ System as the core component.

It is the only self-defense method that fully integrates the body’s reflexive responses and instinctive survival mechanisms making the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM the easiest, most natural way to protect yourself. Our program also includes unique and patented learning models but most importantly, we have pioneered research on how to manage and overcome fear.

If you face just one opponent, and you doubt yourself, you're out-numbered” - Dan Millman

Our focus is on extreme close quarter confrontations, and addresses the conversion of the startle/flinch moment. We believe that the most dangerous and critical moment in a violent attack is the surprise attack, the ambush, the sucker punch. Understanding the science of what happens to us in that moment...the startle/flinch response and then what we can do to get back on track with our tactical directive is the core essence of our drills and skills

What will you learn:

* How to detect, diffuse and defend against violent aggressors
* Identify Pre contact cues that signal an oncoming attack
* Pre-emptives strikes
* Prepare and aclimatise to real life scenarios with the BMF - Balistic Micro-Fight
* To use your body in the most efficient way
* How to 'Be Your Own Bodyguard'
* Dynamic Force on Force scenario replications drills
* Learn about the 3 Fights - You vs You, You vs Opponent, You vs Legal system
* Learn the main close quarter combat weapons that you will be able to call upon during that 'Jack in the Box' moment
* Control and overcome the numbing, freezing feeling of fear.

"The height of strategy,
is to attack your opponent’s strategy!"
- Sun Tzu

What we don't teach:
We DON'T teach ineffective techniques
We DON'T teach difficult to learn techniques
Youtube is full of Walter Mitty type combat trainers who teach wierd and wonderful stuff that should be kept in the comic books.

So, if you had an instructor like this, maybe its time to take a different approach!

Who we teach:
Ceo's, celebrities, businessmen and women, housewives, children, Bodyguards, Door supervisors, security staff, chauffeurs, in fact we teach anyone who wants to have the ability to protect themselves and their families.

We have taught our advanced defensive training methods to bodyguards who have served in the UK Special Forces, Royal Military Police, French Foreign Legion, US Marines, various Eastern European military, Italian Carabineri, South African and Israeli military.

Mason Survival™ teaches you the techniques that WORK! the techniques that ANYONE can use, the techniques that anyone can learn....quickly, and be able to use when you need to use it.

“Make your fighting stance, your everyday stance and make your everyday stance, your fighting stance” - Musashi

S.P.E.A.R Tactic
Ten Commandments of Street Survival