Sunday, 19 August 2012

Training Week 14th August -18th August 2012

Tuesday 14th August

Double Under Practisc

Strength : Back Squat 20 Rep Program

122.5kg x 20 Reps - Horrific! I don't want to do this anymore! It now feels like I am going to drop dead doing this...what a way to go.
Today at 122.5kg for 20 reps was a 'Ball Buster' As I was doing it, I was thinking I should of stopped this program when I reached 120kg. I told myself I will stop at 125kg (Saturday) I have really entered the 'Bad Place' It felt like the 'Bad Place' when I started this program...I was just playing on the doorstep!

3 x 10 GHD Hip Extensions
3 x10 GHD Situps

1000m Row

Wednesday 15th August

Strength: Strict Press 5 x 3@65kg

Tech: Olympic lifting Coaching Session with Holly

Thursday 16th August

Tech: Olympic Lifting at Hollys Oly Tekkers

Strength; Deadlift 3 x 5 @ 135kg

21/15/9 (21 then 15 then 9 of each)
Thrusters 40kg
Box Jumps 24" Box
Time 6:43

5 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible of )
2 Deadlift 80kg
4 Jumping Lunges
6 WallBall Situps 9kg ball


Friday 17th August

Beach WOD  - Beach runs, burpees, broad jumps, Bear crawls, sit up, swimming, playing with my hair!

Saturday 18th August 
Row 1000m

Strength: Back Squat 125kg x 20 Reps - Convinced myself that today would be last session of the '20 rep' program.
This was the hardest session of all. It felt hard from the first rep, even though my 1 rep max for Backsquat is 155kg. By rep 3 I felt I was in trouble! managed to get to 10, then I was truly in the 'Bad Place' by 13 I thought I would be bailing at about 15, I was breathing very hard by this time. Got to 15 and the last 5 seemed to take forever, I was taking at least 5 breaths per rep maybe more, by 19 I didn't feel I would get back out of the 'hole'..did it...cursing and promising that this was the end...125 kg for 20 full depth squats was good enough!  2 hours later I had decided to do 2 more sessions!!

Finished with sets of Hip extensions on the GHD

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