Sunday, 12 August 2012

Training Week 6th August -12th August

Achillies Tendon Rehab..yep, it hurts!
Monday 6th August

Warm up
Double Unders
1000m Row

Strength: Deadlift
5 x 5 @132.5kg

3 x 10 T2B (Toes 2 Bar)

WOD (4 Nations Masters)
6 Minute ladder: (1 of each, then 2, then 3 etc etc for 6 minutes
Deadlifts 85kg

7 full rounds (8 deadlifts)

My form went completely on the T2B at 6, probably due to having done them right before the WOD, in any case was good to do this WOD after doing  the 5set of 5 reps of Deadlifts before as well as the T2B. My grip was fried!!
As i'm entering the 4Nations comp, my target for this qualifying WOD  is 12 rounds by the end of the month.

Tuesday 7th August

Strength: Back Squat 20 rep Program
20 x 117.5kg - Wasn't looking forwrd to this, almost put it off till Wednesday, its getting really tough mentally, especially as my mate who is also doing this got stuck at 13 reps on Monday - this sort of helped in that I had something to focus beating him, but also the negative of me bailing out too...we have the same 1 rep max on Back Squat (150-155kg)
I counted it out in 5 rep sections...was very hard, kept on thinking how hard it was and bailing out, but once i got to 14, I knew I had only 6 to go. Again could not stand up after I racked the bar. Saturday will be 120kg for 20 reps!!!

Wednesday 8th August

2 x 10 Strict Pullups (supine/prone)
2 x 5 Strict Pullups (Alternating hand postion)
1000m Row @ 2minutes per 500m

Strength: Strict Press
5 x 3 @63.5kg

Dynamic Effort
PowerCleans 12x2 @40kg
GTHO 7x2 @40kg

1000m Row @ 2minutes per 500m

Thursday 9th August

1000m Row
WOD: Grace
30 Ground to Overhead 60kg
Time: 4:35

Tech: Olympic Lifting Tekkers with Holly also know as 'Holly Oly Tekkers'

Friday 10th August

Tech: Olympic Lifting - Snatch Balance, snatch, Squat Clean, Clean and Jerk, Clean Pulls

Saturday 11th August

1000m Row

Strength: Back Squat 20 rep Program
20 x 120kg - The Magic 120kg for 20 reps..1.5 x Bodyweight. I think I will pass out, lose conciousness before I actually give in to the weight.
I started this program at 95kg for 20 reps and each Back Squat session have added 2.5 kg...the first session felt hard enough! I dont know where I will go ....Going to focus on getting to 130kg for 20 reps, I dont want to spend any longer than 6 weeks on this program, as they is so much other stuff to progress on, but this program is making me stronger both mentally and physically..and my shouting during the session is getting louder!!!

Cash out : 1000m Row

Sunday 12th August

3 x 10 GHD Hip Extension
2 x 10 GHD Situps

Yoshi,The Crossfit Dog!
4 x 500m Row 2 minutes rest between Sets

 2 Minute Challenge

Tyre Slams with 14lb Hammer: 72

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