Saturday, 25 August 2012

Training 20th August - 25th August 2012

Monday 20th August

Warm Up: Backsquat sets (light)

Strength/Volume/Tech: Deadlift 5 x 10 @120kg (6000kg)

Just a word on Nutrition: For the last couple of weeks, I have been cutting down on the amount of Protein (Whey) powder that I use to supplement my dietary intake (used mainly as pre and post workout) I want to get as much as possible an all natural food source for most of my dietary needs.

Generally the food I buy is grassfed meat, free range chicken, organic free range eggs (direct from the farm), bacon, organic vegetables, butter, good olive oil, extra virgin coldpressed coconut oil. I don't eat bread or any grain based ingredient.

For the last 2 weeks I have re-discovered raw, unpasturized bio-dynamic milk from grassfed cows...which is amazing and have been using that instead of using protein powder. So far, I feel better not taking so much protein powder...its not the greatest thing at the best of times...and the milk I have been getting is delicious, I have no problem with any lactose intolerance which I get from normal milk with the raw milk.The nutritional value of Raw Milk is far superior than pasturized milk...just Google Raw Milk Benefits

Tuesday 21st August

Warm Up
Double Unders Max Effort x 3
Ohs 3 x 15 @30kg
GHD Hip Extensions 3 x 10

3 rounds of:
15 x Left Arm KB Swing 24kg KB
15 x Right Arm KB Swing 24kg KB
20 Pullups ( 2 set overhand, 1 set underhand)
10 V-Sits
Time: 9:33

50m Sprint 2 Burpees
100m Sprint 2 Burpees
200m Sprint 2 Burpees
Time : 2:26

2 rounds of:
10 x Back Extensions
20 x Toes 2 Bar
30 x Squats
Time: 4:11

Wednesday 22nd August

8 Minute Time Cap
Row 1000m
In the remaining time as many wall ball as possible without dropping and holding for no longer than 5 seconds
Wallball Shots (9kg Ball) : 68

GHD Situp Tech 3 x 10

Thursday 23rd August

Tech: Olympic Lifting

5 rounds of:
5 Thrusters 60kg
10 Toes to Bar
Rest 5 Minutes then 5 rounds of:
5 Deadlifts 90kg
10 Burpees

Friday 24th August
Tech: Olympic Lifting With Holly Gehlcken

Saturday 25th August
Active Rest Day:
Row 2000m
3 x10 Weighted Hip Extensions
5 x 10 GHD Situps

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