Tuesday, 17 July 2012

So far this week..

Monday saw my 3rd session of the 20 rep Back Squat program that I'm following for the next 5 weeks. The program calls for 2 or 3 sessions per week, I'm planning to do it twice a week which then gives me time to spend the other training days to do Overhead and Front squats, Deadlift and Powercleans/Oly Lifts and of course press, as well as the fitting in sprints, the daily Crossfit Wods at Reebok Crossfit Connect in Hove, and trying to get better at the stuff I need to get better at!

Mondays Training

Back Squat 20 reps x 100kg -
The key to the benefits of this program is to do it slowly, at 100 kg the weight is not so heavy, and it would be much easier to rep out the 20 quickly...this is not what I have to do, it has to be done slowly, good form, good depth (hip crease below parallel) and taking 2/3 breaths at the top.

After 2 reps it feels easy, by 7 my feet are shaking, by 12 I'm lightheaded and my vision is blurry, but know I have to keep a slow pace, at 15 I'm thinking...why the fuck am I doing this ...20 comes, I rack the Bar and I cant stand up straight...but its done!

After this I played around with some paralette  HSPU (Handstand Pushups)

Then did the WOD

21 Ring Dips followed by
21 Deadlifts @90kg

15 Ring Dips followed by
15 Deadlifts @90kg

9 Ring Dips followed by
9 Deadlifts @90kg

Time 4:33

Tuesday Training

Practised my Power Clean tech...which sucks
and did some Bench Press, but chest was a bit sore from yesterdays Ring dips, so wasnt able to press 112 kg completely unassisted.

Then did the WOD
3 rounds for time of:

400 Run
25 Overhead Squats @40kg
15 Pullups

Time 16:51

Tough WOD...But a good one!!

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