Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Todays training @cfconnect

I wasnt feeling that great this afternoon, I think 3 months of rain have finally got to me....I'm losing my tan, but the Jet stream is about to change and the sun is going to return.

Knowing that I have to backsquat (20 rep program) and deadlift and do the WOD, wasnt exactly the moptivation i required, but I took a dose of the medicine that I often dish out to my pals..HTFU (Harden The Fuck up)

I'm practicing my Double Unders every warm up...and they are getting long last..


Back Squat:
20 x 102.5kg
5 x 120kg
5 x 130kg
5 x 140kg
5 x 150kg

Set of 15,12,9,6,3 Reps of:
Powercleans 60kg
HSPU (HandStand Push ups)
Box Jumps 24" Box
After each set Sprint 200m

Time 16:29

Not nice...but I sort of love heavy trainig days like this!

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