Wednesday, 4 July 2012

More Squats and screaming legs

After the battering of doing 'Murph' on Sunday, it was right back to the last section of the Smolov squat program on Monday.
I have decided to go back to High Bar squatting to finish the program as the postioning of the Low bar squat is affecting my shoulders which means difficulty in doing anything overhead. I will persevere with the Low bar position once the Smolov program has finished.

Mondays Smolov Back Squat;
4 x 92.5kg
4 x 107.5kg
4 x 125kg
3 x 140kg

Legs were tight from doing 'Murph' and my depth wasnt as low as it could be, but once the tightness goes, it will be ok. Today(Wednesday) will be doing squats again so will see if i can get lower!!!!

Yesterday was meant to me a sort of active recovery day...but as I will be away for 3 days at the weekend judging at a Crossfit Comp, I decided to train.

Currently I am focusing on perfecting my Double Unders, strict pullups and HSPU (Handstand Push ups). So, after some skipping Pullups I did a 2 minute HSPU Challenge trying to see how many HSPU I could do in 2 minutes...did 44.

Finished off with a variation of the Hero WOD 'Blake'

3 Rounds of:
20 Overhead Lunges with 20kg plate
20 BoxJumps 24" Box
20 Wallball Shots (10ft Target) with 9kg ball

Time :17:42 RX'd

Was hard, it looked mush easier on the legs were screaming from the first lunge and I didnt think I was going to finish it.....These are the WODS I like....ones where you think Why the f**k did i start this?

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