Friday, 20 January 2012

How to really kill the legs........Ski hard...then backsquats!

This week is the quietest week of the season, so have been freeskiing/ski training with itself enough stress for the legs....but not quite.

Yesterdays training was Backsquats, even though my legs were pretty tired from the hard days skiing on Wednesday with my pal Robin.

Today...Friday....after the backsquats, legs are in dire straits....big time DOMS!!! However, I love the feeling you get from lifting heavy just chages how you feel and how you think. Because my weight and crossfit training is not as regular as when I'm not skiing, the difference is really noticable in how you feel when you lift heavy stuff...its almost as if the body misses heavy training. Skiing all day can be hard, but my body, at least, misses the intensity of heavy training.

After Training a group of us went to a mountain restaurant to have a Mongolian Fondue (all meat!!) to celebrate my birthday...great night!

Training - 5/3/1 Program week 2 (Based on 145kg max rep Backsquat/70kg Max rep Shoulder press)

Warm up of:
3 rounds of:
10 Press ups
10 Overhead Squats
10 Sit ups
5 L pull ups

5 x 60kg
5 x 70kg
3 x 80kg
3 x 95kg
3 x 105kg
3+(8 reps) 120kg
Then 5 rounds (30Ssec rest inbetween sets) of :
10 x 70kg

Shoulder Press
5 x 30kg
5 x 35kg
3 x 40kg

3 x 45kg
3 x 55kg
3+(4 reps) 60kg
Then 5 rounds (30Ssec rest inbetween sets) of :
10 x 30kg

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