Saturday, 17 December 2011

WOD...Snow clearing...functionality at its best

The Box!
Verbier and the surrounding areas has had the biggest snowfall in 22years, we have had more snow fall in the last 3 days than all of last season. Beacause of this there is a huge avalanche risk (5/5 highest rating) Chalets in certain parts of Verbier have had to be evacuated due to the risk and the Slopes have been closed.

This morning the lower parts of the Slopes opened (Medran -Ruinettes) and its still heavily snowing! My 12:30 client cancelled his Ski Lesson, so I took the opportunity to clear the snow from my Chalet, dig out the Jeep and clear my gym area.

So with 3 snow shovels, I set to work. If I didnt do it then, what with more snow falling it would of got dangerous to get out of my appartment or more specifically to get back in at when it get dark....I live on a steep incline....falling down is not an option!

An hour and a half later, gym cleared, stairs and path cleared and 3 cars dug out...I was feeling in a generous mood, so decided to clear out my neighbours cars....all part of the WOD.

A mixture of deadlift and Kettlebell swings is about the best technique for this.....Crossfit the best preparation for the snow!

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