Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ski Training and Metcons!

Today was the last day of our annual pre-season training to prepare for the next 5 month of ski teaching in Verbier.

As usual the training is taken by the top Swiss Ski Coaches and is excellent. Even with just one slope open due to the lack of snow and warm temperature, we still managed 4 full days of training and aclimatisation.

Due to this, my strength training has had to take a back seat this week, having only trained once this week on Tuesday.

Trying to manage to keep up my personal strength and conditioning training as well as skiing all day is going to be a challenge, and even more so, because all my strength work and Metcons are going to be outside and in the dark.

Lac Des Vaux, Verbier
The important thing for me is to keep up the strength work with the main lifts--Squats, Deadlifts and presses and mix in short and heavy metcons.

Tuesday's training:
Lift: Back Squats 5 x 5 working to 5 reps of 130kg
I had to stop due to the fact that I had no light and couldnt see the rack to put down the bar, but was happy with the 125kg for 5 reps although I was planning for 130kg for 5.

I programmed a short Metcon of :
15/9/6 (15 of each, then 9 of each, then 6)
Deadlift 100kg
GHD situps

This was good, although my intensity could of been better, I was happy with it, especially after a day of intense Ski training.

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