Saturday, 26 November 2011

First ski done..the Verbier ski season has started

The Verbier slopes opened today, well the one run at Lac De Vaux! It was a beautiful day, blue sky and not too cold.

Putting on my ski boots for the first time since May was a struggle...immediate discomfort and a feeling of, quite normal!!

Got on the lift to the top and looking around at how little snow there is, was amazed to see the white covering at Attelas. Tightened my boots, cranked on the skis...and off! A bit dodgy, but expected, slope was not bad considering, icy and full of little bumps.

It was great to get back out, did a few runs until my feet needed to be free of the boots, and then came down to stuff my face full of local sausage and cheese...a pretty good day, and 5 months of it to go!

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