Saturday, 5 November 2011

Saturday Morning Crossfit Training

I dont particulary like training in the morning, I never have...some love it....well, good for you...for me, memories of hard Martial art training in a cold Dojo on almost frozen Tatami mats at 7am are never forgotten! As Crossfit training is about 'preparing for the unknown and unknowable' I reluctantly do it...and always feel better for it...but sometimes its hard!

So, body stiff from yesterdays Deadlifts, we warmed up with some skipping, duck walks, leap frogging and Rope climbs.

For the lift, I worked on some heavy thrusters, trying to improve the 'PowerClean' aspect of it...more work required, but this is why I love this training...always something to improve on, whether its strength, flexibility, technique, skill, speed etc etc

The WOD....It looked a whole lot easier on the board..

On the Pullup Bar of:

1 Strict Deadhang Pullup
1 Knee to Elbow
1 Toes to Bar
1 Kipping Pullup
1 L Sit Pullup

15 rounds of these 5 elements, rest after each set of 5 - No time element to this

This was good, after 12 rounds my arms were screaming!

Thanks to Crossfit Connect

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