Friday, 4 November 2011

P.D.R™ Training -Dissecting The Close Quarter Form

Last nights P.D.R training with Zeb, Karl, Max and Kevin, we focused on and dissected the SPEAR System Close Quarter Form.

Generally as a warm up we practice the CQF on our own and then with a partner. Tonight we broke the form down to look at the individual elements and the individual sequences of the form. We discussed and trained each point and looked at whats more desirable, whats less desirable in terms of our indexing of the bad guy eg if we telegraph our initial index palm, what happens if we dont keep pressure/contact on the bad guy etc etc

During the form when we start to access our Close quarter Weapons (elbow strikes) we worked on how we can develop more power, but also how we can still strike in a very close and uncomfortable position eg when the bad guy has us in a very tight Bear hug/tackle.

By training in this way it becomes very clear as to what is desirable in terms of our strategy and tactics and what is clearly less desirable.

Todays Strength Training

Deadlift Tech -  I'm still way under my full capacity for heavy deadlifts, so today was a opportunity to train and work out what I need to do overcome various issues.

The main issue which was pointed out was that I wasnt getting into a deep enough set up postition which would allow me to drive in my heels and use the weight as a counter balance. The other issue was my grip and using a bar that is a little too thick for me.
The other mental...but now having found out some techniqual issues, the mentality will change.

All in all a excellent training day

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