Monday, 14 November 2011

Row and Kettlebells.....its not something you can order in a restaurant!

Todays Crossfit Training @Crossfit Connect

After not trained for 2 days..a prolonged rest...due mainly to the fact that I haven't been able to bend my arms....courtesy of ''Coe'' and the Rememberance Day WOD, it was good to be able to now bend my arms and to start off my last week before I head back to Switzerland with a 'nice' never happens.

Row 1 Mile (1600 metres) X 3, rest 3 minutes after each mile
1st Mile 6:21, 2nd mile 6:38, 3rd mile 6:39

...and then a nice little finisher of 150 Kettlebell swings with 24kg Kettlebell
Time: 9:50

..Was a good one!!!

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