Thursday, 24 November 2011

Breaking in the new weights...and me as well

Getting colder, next week the forecast is for a huge dump of snow. My first ski will be on Saturday.
Today, I did a Deadlift session, it was colder than yesterday, so, a good warm up of rounds of Double unders, GHD situps, Pressups and back extensions was needed.

Did some warm up deadlift sets, then work sets of :
4 rounds of 5 reps - 120kg, 130kg, 135 kg, 140kg.

Was going to do 5 sets, but concerned that my hand callouses would rupture. Its extremely dry up here in the mountain and especially as I'm training outside, the skin gets very hard, so I kept the set to 4. The aclimatisation process takes a few days and so drinking more water than usual, and upping my fat intake too.

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