Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday training and eating!

I woke up and looked at the Crossfit Mainsite WOD.....Bradshaw (Hero WOD)....ummmm I thought...ok I'll do it this morning @Crossfit Hove Open Gym session.....I wish I never started it!

10 rounds for Time of:
3 Handstand Pressups
6 Deadlifts 102.5kg
12 Pullups
24 Double unders
Time 37:52

After the 4th round, I wish I'd never started, and didnt think I would make 10 rounds, I was thinking to do just a 'mini' version of 5, but knew that i couldnt. Round 6, was feeling sick, but knew I would finish..time wasnt important...just grind it out and finish. Today I went to the 'BAD PLACE!
This was a real hormonal stimulator!

So, having got that out the way and feeling absolutely crushed, I went home to make the Paleo Apple crumble to have for lunch with Kenni's Meatballs at Lornas at our regular Sunday eating extravaganza after our Crossfit session!

Meatballs were awesome, Paleo crumble was magnificent!! I love Sundays!

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