Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Skill work session.....with Reeboks finest

Today I trained with my crossfit pal Karl who is fresh back from being a Crossfit 'extra' (I'd say model) for filming of  the new Reebok Crossfit adverts in Barcelona. So, during the making of the adverts, he was coached by some of the best Crossfit athletes in the World, this was a great opportunity to get some skill tips..on Kipping Handstand Pushups, 1 arm handstands and 1 legged Pistol squats.

We started off with a quick strength session of some heavy bench press.

We trained on the University Campus Gym, nice equipment, but was a bit odd seeing people train in the conventional 'Globo' gym way again.....there were lots of biceps curls....as functional as a rabbit driving a fire engine, lateral raises, 1/2 squats and 1/2 presses....and they looked as bored as hell!

Thanks Karl for great tips...pistols need work, 1 arm handstand needs work....kipping handstand push ups...DONE!

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