Thursday, 27 October 2011

Closest Weapon Closest Target (CWCT) - Tonights Self -defence/P.D.R Training

Tonights class we focused on the S.P.E.A.R System principle of CWCT - Closest Weapon Closest Target.
This in itself is a very straightforward principle, the practice of which is not so easy, especially if we have been conditioned to defend ourselves in a certain way.

So, part of learning, experiencing and practising this principle is to try and de-condition unnatural, ineffective and ego-centric techniques and to create new mental blueprints of how to use our close quarter weapons, our physical toolbox in the most efficient and effective manner.

Simply, if my right hand is 5cm from the 'bad guys' nose, and my left hand is 30 cm from his nose, then it makes sense, not just here on a web page, but in real time fashion to hit the bad guy with the hand/fist that is 2 cm away. Opinions count for lets pressure test real time, real aggression, intense 'bad guy' energy....CWCT works, it keeps us in the fight, it keeps pressure on the bad guy, it creates more opportunities to end the fight.....We've tested it, we keep testing it, refining our skills, creating postive, effective mental blueprints, that is accessible to anyone, regardless of build, sex, martial art/fighing expericence.

Ok, so what do I mean by the ego-centric techniques. Simply, this is always trying your favourite technique even if the opportunity isnt there, whether that techique is a wrist lock, a jumping back spinning roundhouse kick, a headbutt even....a headbutt is no good, if you are 3 feet away! I have a great pair of winter snow boots that I wear when its snowing and cold in Switzerland...however much I love those boots, I dont wear those boots to the beach in summer! 

Our close quarter weapons are not meant for us to look good, there meant to get us our of the sh*t, so elbows, headbutts, biting, knees, gouges, rakes make up our toolbox.

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