Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Mornings...apparently are not for staying in bed... Sunday@Crossfithove

Still recovering form this Horrendous Flu!!!, so have only just trained some skill and light lifts this week.
Today, got to the box, and was planning just some heavy back squats...Rack set up, did a few warm up sets.......Karl, walks in...Mike lets do 'Diane' Ok..I said...fool!!!!

Crossfit WOD 'Diane'
21/15/9 - 102kg Deadlift/Handstand Push ups
Sets of 21 Reps of each, then 15 Reps, then 9 Reps

My Time: 9:16 Karl Time: 8:44

This is a great WOD, Heavy, fast and intense!

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