Friday, 14 October 2011

Cerebral PDR/Self Defence Training @safespacegym

Alex using Non Violent posture, trying to defuse the situation 
So, last nights PDR Training with usual suspects, Zeb, Karl, Max, Kevin and Steve, however due to some ongoing injuries (Karl Broken toe, Max shoulder and man flu, me real proper flu and a slight concussion from banging my nose with the barbell doing Push jerks, Kevin...I think he was alright, but made some phoney excuse) we decided to have a roundtable discussion about the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM concepts of FEAR, and how we can implement a robust Fear management system that anyone can utilize, irrespective of any physical training they might or might now have done.

I wont go into detail about every concept would take too long, this is for teaching with a group or one 2 one basis, but here is a brief snapshot of last nights training....yep, we have to train the head too!!

With fear management as regards to training in the SPEAR SYSTEM, stress inoculation will help us deal with fearful situations better, when we train in the HIGH GEAR suits we replicate real life scenarios, so, staring to inoculate us for real life. The training has to be real to stimulate a Startle/Flinch response.

We then talked about the 3 the three things a bad guy wants - property, body, life...if we know this, and there are techniques we use in our PDR classes that will show you how this can be done, it will give you more choices in your response. Knowing what the bad buy wants is one aspect, we also want to know what he doesn't want, this is covered in our classes.

Following on, we talked about Pre-Contact cues, if in training we focus on the signs before the initial physical onslaught of an attack, we then empower ourselves with knowing when the bad guy is going to attack specifically. Moving on from this if we combine understanding Pre-contact cues, then understand and have knowledge of the most commonly used Primary initiation attacks, will start to de-mystify what attack the bad guy is going to use...go onto Youtube and have a look at Real'll see what I mean.

So, now we are starting to get a mental blueprint rather than being in the void of not knowing 'Jack Shit'

Give up or fight back? having a personal directive that you say to yourself will help you make the decision.

We talked about the 3 fights - You vs. You, You vs. 'Bad Guy' You vs. Legal System, the definition of Intimidation and the concept of B.Y.O.B Being your own Bodyguard.

Predator vs. Prey - Prey behaviour induces Predator activity - How we act has an impact for our potential attacker...

We moved on to discuss the 3 Golden Rules, looked at F.E.A.R as an acronym, and the difference between Biological fear and Psychological fear and techniques to help us with the Adrenal dump, and what we can do we we get the shaky leg, the dry mouth, the pounding heart.

Thats about it folks...I love this stuff...its empowering for all of us

Thanks to Zeb, Karl, Max, Kevin,  Steve and of course Tony Blauer Founder Blauer Tactical Systems

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