Monday, 17 October 2011

'Toe Gone bad' or 'Uggs vs Inov8's @crossfithove

Kenni has a broken toe, Kenni still wants to train, Kenni wears one Inov8 on her good foot and one Ugg boot on her foot with the broken toe...interesting look...but effective....she is from California!

Miles did a bit of jiggery pokery in scaling the WOD for Kenni..on the standing exercises she sat down!

'Toe Gone Bad'

1 minute of each:
Ball slams 9kg Slam Ball
Sit ups
Dumbell Press  15kg Dumbells

Rest 1 minute then Same again for 3 rounds in total  - 17 Minutes work
Count total amount of Reps:
My total reps: 348

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