Thursday, 1 September 2011

Rest days...or lack of them

.......Ok, so I made the mistake of not resting, especially after yesterdays Crossfit WOD 'Murph' . 3 days on, I should of had a rest day today, but choose instead to go and just do a lift....and not just any lift...The deadlift, knowing also that I'm going to do some High Gear PDR Training tonight...which in itself is 'full on'.
Well, I couldnt lift! got angry, still couldnt lift, got lift, got really lift...then I  left to fight another day, not exactly feeling pleased with myself, because I knew I should of not trained. 

Normally I do 5 days on, 2 days off, but this week and especially this month because we have been doing all out WOD's in a weighted just became that more intense, so by today I was really feeling it.

Moral of the story ...REST, if you're working out and me must have rest days.

Listen to you body, rest and eat well, preferably a Paleo/primal diet full of Meat, fish,vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and little starch.

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