Monday, 10 December 2012

Start of the ski season 2012/13

First 2 weeks days back in Switzerland and we have had monumental snow!!! It just hasn't stopped since I got here.
However, this amount of snow has brought its dangers with it ...very high risk of avalanches, and we have already had near fatalities with skiers going off piste, only yesterday 3 were caught in a avalanche by Col des Mines.....they were NOT wearing any avalanche gear at transceivers, no shovel, no probe....mind blowing stupidity!

Due to the high risk, we only have a limited amount of pistes open, but the skiing has been fantastic so far....fresh powder snow everyday!!

I've almost finished setting up the garage with all my training equipment, have taken delivery of my concept2 rower, have my sled, Glute Ham developer (GHD),  full set of kettle bells, bench, slam balls but I'm still waiting to pick up my squat rack, bumper plates and Olympic bar form my friend who lives in the valley...just haven't had the chance due to weather to go and collect. I was planning to go today, but its dumping snow again and not sure if I can get there.

I'm going to try and make (well, a friend is!) a pull up bar to go in the garage...not sure yet how we are going to do it but we'll find a way. Have got rings put up on the at least can do ring pull-ups.

Wallball wall
Last weeks training, consisted of a load of snow clearing, 2km weighted sled pulls, GHD sit-ups, rowing and I did 'Karen' 150 wall ball for time....was done outside in the snow with a 9kg slam ball.

The Sunday before I left for Switzerland I decided to do 'Fran' @Crossfit Hove but with a difference ski boots and skis!

21-15-9 Of 42.5kg Thrusters/pullups
(21 of each, then 15, then 9)

Time: 9:31

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