Sunday, 23 December 2012

December 17th - 23rd 2012

Sit ski training

Training this week has been mainly working on various parts of my ski technique with all this fantastic snow, more sit ski qualification training(for disabled persons) some teaching (skiing), getting my first clients training in the garage, and doing my first back squat session since I've been back in Verbier.

The Alpine flu that I have had for the last 2 weeks, got worse due to getting extremely cold whilst training for the disabled Sit-ski qualification...but at least I got the flu now..early in the season!

Antoine slamming his first ever Slamball
Antoine and Tom came for their first session on Wednesday, where I went through the fundamentals of the Crossfit methodology, the technique of the squat and finished with a little WOD...Tom describing his first ever WOD....He brought out the 'C' word and called it a C*&%!

On the Sunday before I left for Verbier, I did a WOD with a ski bias....Ski Fran!

WOD: Ski Fran
21-15 - 9 Thrusters (42.5kg) Pull ups - Wearing ski boots and Skis @Crossfit Hove. 
Thanks to Karl Stone for shooting the video and all the gang for their support!
Here is the Video that I made:

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