Monday, 25 June 2012

Back to the blog with Smolov Squats! #crossfit #smolov #lowbarsquats

Ok...its been a while since my last post. The end of the ski season ended with lots of snow, no visabilty and the death of one of my colleagues and one of the best Freeride skiers in Verbier in a avalanche.

I started my crossfit, strength and conditioning training after a few days back and as I have a ongoing shoulder injury programmed a plan around not being able to lift anything what did I do....Smolov Squat program! Heavy back squats 4 times a week as well as crossfit metcon and rehabilitation of my shoulder.

After 4 weeks my Back squat has gone up from 142.5 KG to 155kg, my shoulder healed and now after a 2 week deload program of  Power Cleans and Box squats I have started the next phase of the program...and it hurts!!

Today, I changed from regular high bar squats to low bar squats, had to take 5 kg of the prescribed weight due to it feeling alot different, but feel this is the way to go for more focused posterior chain work, especially  in the Hip drive.

One of the other benefits from all this amount of squatting, is that the hip drive has helped my shoulder press( now back to pre winter season level) and Handstand Push up's big time!! Im planning to do the Crossfit 'Diane' Wod in the next week or so, to see how this has improved. Diane is 21/15/9/ reps of 102 kg deadlifts and Handstand pressups, so you do 21 reps of Deads then 21 HSPU..then 15 of both, then 9....will let you know how I get on.

Last Saturday programmed a little quick WOD to finish my training session which included Handstand Press ups and was able to do the HSPU unbroken, which I was quite chuffed with, especially as when I got back from Switzerland I could just about carry carrier bag full of shopping.

This was the WOD:
50 metre sprint then
21 Russian Twists 25kg plate
100 m Sprint
15 Russian Twists 25kg plate
200 m Sprint 
9 Russian Twists 25kg plate
100 m Sprint

Time: 5:21

Todays Training at Crossfit Connect

Smolov Squat Program (Intense Phase) Low Bar Back Squat
3 x 100 kg
4 x 117.5 kg
3 x 4 132.5 kg (changed to 127.5kg)
5 x 127.5 kg

Then 2 minute challenge of Kettlebell Swings at 32kg KB
51 Reps

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